Jean Retzinger

Academic Coordinator & Associate Director, Ph.D., U. of Iowa
239 Evans Hall

Research  Interests:  environmental communication, particularly agriculture & food issues in advertising, television, film, and digital media

Recent Publications:

“Empty Bellies/Empty Calories: Representing Hunger and Obesity.”  The Rhetoric of Food: Discourse, Materiality and Power. New York: Routledge, 2012.

“Eleven Miles South of Hollywood: Analyzing Narrative Strategies in The Garden.” Environmental Communication 5 (September 2011): 337-343.

“Spectacles of Labor: Viewing Food Production Through a Television Screen.”  Environmental Communication 4 (December 2010): 441-460.

“The Embodied Rhetoric of ‘Health’ from Farm Fields to Salad Bowls.”  Edible Ideologies: Representing Food and Meaning. Kathleen LeBesco and Peter Naccarato, eds.  Albany, NY: SUNY P., 2008: 149-78.




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Office Hours: 
Spring 2019 Advising Hours (through May 17): Drop-in: MTuWThF 10-12 Appointments: MTuWThF 1-4 NOTE: I will be out on Wednesday, June 5 through Friday, June 7. MAJOR ADVISING: Intended Majors Declared Majors: Last Names C and K - Z Please use the link under Research & Bio to make an advising appointment.