Spring: Golden Bear Advising

Greetings Spring 2019 New Freshmen and Transfer Students Interested in the Media Studies Major,

I encourage you to read the Media Studies website in its entirety, especially the pages related to applying to the major.

New Transfer Students, please schedule an appointment with Peter Blackman, Jean Retzinger or me to discuss your spring 2019 enrollments if you have not already. What you should take in the spring is determined by whether you are eligible to apply to Media Studies in the spring or need to wait to apply, because you must complete prerequisites to be eligible to apply. See Media Studies Advising for our availability.

The Media Studies Application for spring 2019 will be avaialble on the homepage under Announcements.

If you have questions, email mediastudies_advising@berkeley.edu. This email address is answered by Media Studies Faculty and Staff.

All the best,


Laura  Demir
Media Studies Student Academic Advisor