Media Studies Course Enrollment Information


  • All seats in upper-division Media Studies courses are reserved for declared Media Studies majors during Phase 1. Students declared in the major should enroll in core and elective courses during Phase 1. Seats may be made available to students not declared in the major during Phase 2 depending on available seats. Priority for these remaining seats is usually given to intended majors who have completed MS 10/W10.
  • Waitlists begin to be processed during Phase 2.  Students are added from the
 waitlist selectively, rather than in numerical order, based on objective criteria/online survey information. See waitlist information for specific courses below.
  • Some Media Studies courses (MS 10/W10 and core courses) hold some
    additional seats in reserve for waitlisted students which will be
    allocated by the department.
  • The information below pertains to Fall and Spring semesters. Please see “General Tips and Information” at the end for Summer specific information. 

Media Studies 10/W10

  • Seats are reserved for sophomores and juniors. Seats are also reserved for new transfer students during the Fall semester. 
  • Freshmen will not be admitted to the course and may enroll only after their first two semesters at Cal.
  • When enrolled in Media Studies W10, students are not permitted to enroll in upper-division courses offered by Media Studies during the same semester. 
  • Waitlist Process: Remaining seats will be assigned during Phase II.  New transfer students who register late and add to the Media Studies W10 waitlist, please email Enrollment priority will be given to students who demonstrate they meet the minimum eligibility criteria to apply to the major with the completion of Media Studies 10/W10.

Core Courses (Media Studies 111B/111C/112/113/114)

  • Declared Media Studies majors have enrollment priority for Media Studies core courses. Non-majors cannot enroll during Phase 1.
  • Media Studies 111B and 112 are offered during the Fall semester for the 2021-2022 academic year.
  • Media Studies 111C, 112, 113, and 114 are offered during the Spring semester for the 2021-2022 academic year.
  • Only intended majors who have completed or are in the process of completing Media Studies 10 or W10 are eligible to be enrolled in any Media Studies core courses. See waitlist process information below. 
  • Waitlist Process: There are no waitlists available for core courses during Phase 1. During Phase 2, waitlists will be added and open to all students; students who are interested in taking the course and are unable to enroll directly should add themselves to the waitlist. Remaining seats will be allocated periodically by the program according to student eligibility and need as determined by an online survey that will be emailed to waitlisted students. Priority order is generally:

    1. Declared Majors
    2. Intended Majors (students who have completed MEDIAST 10/W10/N10 or approved equivalent taken before fall 2020)
    3. Students declared in other majors.

    Class standing (Senior, Junior, Sophomore, etc.) is also considered. The survey will be sent out throughout Phase 2; make sure to check your email address for the survey. Waitlist enrollments will occur on a rolling basis up to the add/drop deadline.

Other Upper Division Courses

  • Declared Media Studies majors have enrollment priority for all Media Studies upper-division courses. Non-majors will not be enrolled from the waitlist during Phase 1. 
  • Intended majors who have not completed Media Studies 10/W10/N10 are not eligible to be enrolled in any Media Studies upper-division courses. 
  • If demand allows, additional seats may be opened for general enrollment during Phase 2. 
  • Waitlist process: Media Studies majors are prioritized and will be admitted to the course above non-majors during Phase 1. Non-majors will be considered for enrollment after Media Studies majors, with priority going to intended majors who have completed Media Studies 10/W10/N10. Waitlist enrollment will occur on a rolling basis up to the add/drop deadline. 

H194/H195: Honors Program

  • Media Studies H194 (Fall): Students interested in continuing in the Media Studies Honors Program should review the Honors page regarding eligibility and application instructions for Media Studies H194. Students admitted to the program will be emailed a permission code by the instructor. 
  • Media Studies H195 (Spring): Students will be emailed a permission code by the instructor. 

General Tips and Information

  • If you are on a waitlist, we encourage you to enroll in an alternate course while you wait and then drop either the waitlisted or alternate course as needed.
  • Since declared Media Studies majors have enrollment priority for all Media Studies upper-division courses, intended majors can enroll in concentration courses or electives in outside departments (e.g. sociology, film, etc.) that count towards fulfilling Media Studies major requirements. Please consult the Courses by Term page on the Media Studies website for a complete list of courses that satisfy major course requirements each semester.
  • Declared and intended majors should refer to the Requirements page for additional course requirement information. 
  • Summer enrollment: Media Studies 10 and select Media Studies upper division courses are offered during Summer Sessions; pre-collegiate students and freshman are restricted from enrolling in Media Studies 10. Core courses are not offered during Summer Sessions