Fall: Freshmen Golden Bear Advising

Greetings Fall 2019 New Freshmen,

Welcome to Cal! We are delighted you will be joining the University of California, Berkeley academic community and are interested in the Media Studies major.

In the beginning, you will be working with the L&S College Advisers in the Office of Undergraduate Advising. Get to know their website. It will be a valuable resource throughout your time at Cal. You will learn a lot through Golden Bear Orientation (GB0) and Golden Bear Advising (GBA) too.

While you may have expressed an interest in Media Studies when you applied to the University, we encourage you to explore all your major options to make the best, informed choice for you. We want you to study what sparks your individual academic interests and make the most of your time at Cal. There are a number of ways to explore majors on campus. A few are listed at the end of this webpage.

Read the Media Studies website in its entirety so you will be knowledgeable about the major you are considering. Reading the home page and course descriptions will help you determine if your interests match what our major offers. Reading Applying: Overview and Prerequisites will help you plan to complete the major prerequisites if you choose to be an intended Media Studies major. Read Requirements - declared fall 2018 or later too.

If you decide you want to be an intended Media Studies major, the College of Letters and Science recommends that you choose to complete the prerequisites for a non-restrictive alternate major in addition to Media Studies, a high-demand major. See Choosing a Major and High-Demand Majors.

While we know you are eager to ask questions, we ask that you wait until after you have completed the College of Letters and Science modules in bCourses during Golden Bear Advising (GBA). Many questions are answered by their modules. GBA for fall first-year (freshmen) is from June 5 - 30, 2019. See GBO Dates & Deadlines. If you have a specific question or two after reading the links above and completing your L&S GBA modules, email mediastudies_advising@berkeley.edu. You will receive a response from Peter Blackman or Laura Demir. If you have multiple or complex questions that require a dialogue to answer after reading the links above and completing your L&S GBA modules, it is best that you schedule an in-person or telephone appointment with Peter Blackman or Laura DemirPeter Blackman and Laura Demir are the Student Academic Advisors, which is a staff position. Josh Jackson is the Assistant Director, who also advises students regarding the major. Dr. Jackson reviews course substitutions for the major so you will be referred to him when appropriate. You may also email him directly regarding course substitutions at joshjackson@berkeley.edu. When you reach out to us for advice, identify yourself as a fall 2019 new freshman, who is exploring the Media Studies major. In emails and voice mail messages, include your student ID# and specific question(s). When leaving a voice mail message, speak slowly and remember to both say and spell your name.

We look forward to meeting you and are planning an information event during Getting Your Bearings just for you. The details will be available closer to August.

Enjoy your summer! Go Bears!

A few ways to explore major options at UC Berkeley: