Application qualifications/eligibility

You may apply to Media Studies after you have completed Media Studies 10 for a letter grade. In addition, you must have completed at least two of the remaining three prerequisites. The fourth prerequisite may be in progress at the time of your application; it must be successfully completed by the end of that term.

If you have not fulfilled these requirements, you are not eligible to apply.  You have only one opportunity to apply to Media Studies. Admission decisions are final.  There are two types of applications:

Standard Application
To submit a standard application, you cannot have completed more than 70 semester units of college course work (excluding AP units, community college units earned while in high school or excess P.E. units–over four–earned at Cal) at the time of application to the major.

To submit a standard application, you must have a minimum GPA of 3.2 in courses applicable to the major. This includes lower division prerequisite and methods courses, upper division electives and the equivalency of transferred course work. Core courses–Media Studies 111, 112 & 113–are to be taken after Media Studies 10 has been completed. If any core courses are completed before applying to the major, the grades for those courses will be included in the application GPA.

Appeal Application

If you have completed more than 70 units and/or have less than a 3.2 GPA in Media Studies courses, you will need to submit an appeal application, i.e. the standard application forms with these additional materials: a cover letter and a graded paper from one of the prerequisite courses. Appeal applications are reviewed by the faculty.

Applications to the major are accepted in the fall and spring semesters, not during the summer. There are three application periods each semester. Students are encouraged to apply during the first application period after meeting eligibility requirements. Application packets are available on the Media Studies home page and on the bulletin board outside the Media Studies office, 235 Evans Hall. See the application packets for additional details.

***PLEASE NOTE: Beginning in Fall 2020 (as approved in Spring 2018), all students planning to declare the Media Studies major MUST complete Media Studies 10 or N10 at UC Berkeley.