Media Studies


2024 Media Studies Major Applications

These application instructions are for freshmen who were admitted to UC Berkeley spring 2023 semester and earlier and all transfer students.

If you are a freshman admitted to UC Berkeley fall 2023 semester or later, these instructions do not apply to you. Read L&S High-Demand Majors for First-Year Students and check it periodically for updates. We hope to have more information for you on our website mid-to-late spring 2024.

2024 Application Periods*

Spring:  January 9 to January 26 (Recommended)**
February 19 to February 23
March 18 to March 22

Summer:  June 3 to June 14 – Standard Only***

Fall:  August 21 to September 6 (Recommended)**
September 23 to September 27
October 14 to October 18

* Applications are due by 11:59 p.m. on the final date in each period above and must be sent to per the application instructions. Applications sent before the start date will not be reviewed. Applications received after the deadline will not be accepted.

** Students are advised to apply to Media Studies as soon as they are eligible during an application period. When applying in the fall and spring semesters, applying during the first application period is recommended. It takes times to process applications. We want you to have a decision before you enroll in your next semester, which may not be possible if you submit during later application periods.

*** Appeal applications are only accepted in the fall and spring semesters.

If you need a GPA calculator to calculate your major application GPA, visit Berkeley Residential Life GPA Calculator.

Quarter units, transferred from another institution, need to be converted to semester units before calculating your major application GPA. You do this by multiplying the units by two-thirds. For instance, 5 quarter units = 3.33 and 4 quarter units = 2.66.

Application Qualifications/Eligibility

You are eligible to apply to Media Studies when you have completed all four prerequisites OR you have completed three prerequisites, including Media Studies 10*, and are currently taking the fourth prerequisite, which must be successfully completed by the end of the term in which you apply. If you have not fulfilled these requirements, you are not eligible to apply to the major.

You have only one opportunity to apply to Media Studies.  Admission decisions are final.

* Beginning Fall 2020, all students planning to declare the Media Studies major MUST complete Media Studies 10 at UC Berkeley. When Media Studies 10 is referred to, it also includes Media Studies W10 and Media Studies N10.

There are two types of applications:

(1) Standard Application 

Students who meet the Standard Application criteria will be admitted to the major. Students who meet the following three criteria can submit a Standard Application:

  • For Students Who Began as Freshmen: You have completed 70 or fewer units (excluding exam units, community college units earned while in high school, and excess P.E. units–over four–earned at Cal) at the time of application to the major.
  • For Students Who Began as Junior Transfer Students: You must apply during either your first or second semester at Cal, depending on when you are eligible to apply. New beginning spring 2024: Junior transfer students may also submit standard applications during the first summer following their UC Berkeley admissions semester. (This option includes new transfers admitted to UC Berkeley in fall 2023.)
  • For All Students: You have a minimum GPA of 3.2 in courses applicable to the major. This includes lower-division prerequisite and methods courses, upper-division electives, and the equivalency of transferred course work. Core courses–Media Studies 111/112/113/114–are to be taken after Media Studies 10 has been completed. If any core courses are completed before applying to the major, the grades for those courses will be included in the major application GPA. Note: All courses for the major must be taken for a letter grade. See COVID-19 P grade policies affecting specific terms and students for possible exceptions. Fall 2022 P grades earned at UC Berkeley are allowed due to the strike.
  • For All Students: Beginning in fall 2021, you must have earned a B- or better in Media Studies 10 (or equivalent). This began with fall 2021 major applications.

(2) Appeal Application

If you have not satisfied one to three of the three criteria listed above to submit a Standard Application, you may submit an Appeal Application. An Appeal Application includes the standard application forms along with a cover letter regarding why the appeal application is necessary and your academic interest in the major. Additional documentation may be requested if needed. Appeal applications are subject to Media Studies Faculty review. Application decisions are sent by email. All decisions are final.

Application Periods

There are designated standard application periods in the fall, spring and summer. There are designated appeal application periods in the fall and spring only. Applications are not accepted outside the application periods. The application periods may change each year. Check the current year’s application for designated times to apply. It is recommended that students apply at the beginning of the earliest application period that they are eligible since processing applications takes time.