Media Studies 199

Spring 2021 Deadlines
* Information and Intake Form is due Monday, February 8, 2021.
* International Students,
 submit your Information and Intake Form by Monday, January 25th, two weeks before the deadline, since you also need to submit an F-1 Curricular Practical Training (CPT) form to the Berkeley International Office (BIO). Send CPT form to Dr. Ian Davis ( with a copy to Laura Demir at


Internships can be an important aspect of your college experience, and an essential part of your career preparation. Juggling a job, internship and coursework, however, may not always produce happy results. It is our department’s policy to discourage freshmen and sophomores from taking school-year internships. Junior and senior year are soon enough to begin gaining internship experience. Focus on your prerequisite coursework in your first and second year!

Please Note: Internship units and services are only available during fall and spring semesters to officially declared Media Studies majors with at least junior standing. Media Studies does not offer summer units for internships.  However, your local community college may be able to offer units for an unpaid summer internship.  Also, a quick internet search for “community college internship credit” may provide other options, such as online courses that offer credit for internships.

When are ready to undertake an internship, meet with or contact Ian Davis (, faculty advisor for the Supervised Independent Study for Internships Program. For more information about what is expected if you undertake an internship for credit through Media Studies, please review the first page of the information and intake form. If you already have a confirmed internship and you would like to apply for enrollment for internship units, review and submit the entire information and intake form.

Students may enroll in MS 199: Supervised Independent Study for either 1 or 2 P/NP units. The University does not allow more than 16 units in total from 97, 98, 99, 197, 198, or 199 courses.

The units earned are based NOT on the number of hours worked or tasks performed in the internship. Instead, units are based on the essay assignment for MS 199. For 1 unit of P/NP credit, students must write a 5-page essay, employing a single concept presented in a Media studies class. The essay should define the concept and illustrate it with observations or experiences gained from the internship. For 2 units of P/NP credit, students must write a 10-page essay, choosing 2 or 3 concepts and defining and illustrating each. Essays must include a Works Cited page.