Josh Jackson Lecturer, Ph.D., U. of Wisconsin-Madison

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Office Hours

Office hours will resume in the fall 2020 semester.

Intended Majors
Declared Majors: Last Names beginning H - O

Research Interests: Digital and new media, television, media and culture, convergence, media industries and production cultures, media history

Courses Taught:

MS10: Introduction to Media Studies
MS101: Visual Communication
MS165: Internet and Culture
MS180: Television Studies

Dr. Josh Jackson is your assigned Media Studies Faculty Advisor if you are a declared Media Studies major and your last name begins with H through O. Media Studies Faculty Advisors are the experts in the study of media and can talk with you about your academic, career and graduate school goals. Faculty Advisors make decisions regarding course substitutions for the major, which means you go to them when you want a course reviewed as a substitution for an approved course or are planning to study abroad.