To graduate in Media Studies from Berkeley, you need to fulfill three sets of requirements: (1) those of the University of California (and Berkeley campus); (2) those of the College of Letters and Science, and (3) those of the major. Although final responsibility for learning and completing requirements rests with you, three kinds of academic assistance are available to help you understand these requirements:

1. College Advising

Talk to the L&S college advisers in the L&S Office of Undergraduate Advising in 206 Evans Hall to determine how to fulfill University and College Requirements (American History, Institutions, Breadth, Quantitative Reasoning, etc), residency requirements and overall unit requirements. The approval of a L&S Adviser is required for reduced study lists (less than 13 units).

2. Student Academic Advisor

Peter Blackman and Laura Demir, the Student Academic Advisors, should be your first contact for general information about the major and application process. They are the people to see regarding application and declaration of the major, and the fulfillment of major requirements for graduation. They can advise you on the scheduling and availability of our courses, and help you with many concerns related to the major. They can also refer you to valuable resources on campus. The Student Academic Advisor also coordinates our graduation ceremonies each Spring.

TIP: Many advising problems arise because students fail to check on their official enrollments and their final grades. The longer you wait to fix errors on your study list or transcript, the more difficult and time-consuming they become. Keep on top of your grades and enrollments.

3. Major Advising 

Josh Jackson and Ian Davis are the faculty who serve as Major Advisers. The Student Academic Adviser may refer you to them for approval of transfer coursework, appeals applications, or other exceptional decisions that need to be made.